Sunday, January 01, 2006

2006 Ir-resolutions
New Year's resolutions are noble things, I suppose. A clean slate to have an opportunity to better yourself, be more responsible. I used to be quite serious about them - about naming them anyway. But the last few years I've had more rebellious thoughts and they feel more appropriate. I've decided to get them down in writing this year. Frankly, and those of you who know me may disagree, I don't think what my life needs is more "responsible" boredom. I am in much more need of a good kick in the ass...a jolt of anything but responsible. So here are my 2006 ir-resolutions.

1. Be less courteous to strangers.
2. Take the last doughnut/cookie/beer and stop splitting it in half or deferring to others who seem to want it more.
3. Make more impulsive purchases.
4. Remember that stealing can be fun.
5. Talk and act with less thought going into it.
6. Argue in public with people I don't know when I overhear them saying something foolish, offensive, or for no other reason than that I just don't like the sound of their voice.
7. More Word-dojo.
8. Be willing to sleep my way to the top.

I hope you will all help hold me to them, especially after those first few weeks when old bad habits start to return. Do you have resolutions? And are they the responsible or irresponsible kind?

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