Thursday, December 29, 2005

Wrongful Use of a Condom
There is so much wrong with this story I don't know where to start.
Bryn Mawr College student Janet Lee invented an unusual method of stress relief. She filled condoms with flour, then squeezed them. Flying can be stressful, so she brought three flour-filled condoms with her to carry on a flight. This turned out to be an unfortunate idea, as airport screeners searched her luggage and found the condoms, which they assumed to be filled with cocaine -- an assumption Philadelphia police claim was confirmed by field tests. Lee spent three weeks behind bars on drug trafficking charges before the error was discovered.
I absolutely believe Janet Lee deserved to spend time in jail, clearly not for what she was charged with. The only question is which of her many crimes is most heinous?

Submit your nominations in comments. I'm torn between the stupidity of carrying something like that on a plane, and her not having thought of any better method of stress-relief involving a condom. Please! Give it to someone less fortunate who could make better use of it!

Anyway, airports are filled with those little stress balls in gift shops. And if you just have to make one yourself, please, respect the condom. Use a balloon! Somewhere a needy couple will be frantically scouring the room for that last condom (under the bed! behind the alarm clock!) and will have to go to bed, er, hungry. Janet should have to think about her wasteful actions. 3 weeks probably weren't enough.

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