Friday, December 09, 2005

Blog News--I'm Turning Pro
Monday marks the official launch of a new blog that I will be authoring. For the last month I've been working on a trial run blog for the Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty. The BJC is a Washington, D.C organization that has been important to me personally for many reasons. They are committed to the separation of church and state and represent a number of Baptist denominations around the country that appreciate their thoughtful strong voice. For many years the BJC's "Report from the Capital" monthly publication has been essential reading for people interested in maintaining church-state separation and religious freedom. And so "Blog from the Capital" will aim to point to those daily events and opinions, legislation and court decision that impact the church-state debate. I'm excited to accept their offer to write the blog.

What does this mean for Article 19? My first thought was that it may be time to shut it down. Almost 2 years is a pretty good run. But the truth is that the tone and aims of "Blog from the Capital" simply don't allow me to fulfill my most essential blogging needs: whining, bitching, moaning and ranting about stuff that makes me crazy, whatever the topic. In fact, the reserve with which I need to approach most of the topics for the BJC blog leaves me needing this space more than ever. So, nothing will much change here so far as I can see. I do really appreciate everyone who reads and even more those who dare to comment. I hope you'll stick around, but also please visit Blog from the Capital, once in a while, especially Monday/official public launch day (not sure if the address will change on that day) and write me with tips, comments, ridicule, whatever.

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