Thursday, July 16, 2009

Health Care Bills
The good news is that, thanks to the Internet tubes, regular citizens like us can go ahead and read pending legislation like the health care reform bill (pdf) that is moving forward in the House. The bad news is that it's 1018 pages long. But there's good news again, which is that even though we could never read and digest the whole thing in time to be completely informed for the debates to come, we have a brilliant and committed news media who will capably and accurately describe the content. Ha!

If you are interested in reading *some* of it, the Committee's website also has it broken down into summary pages and by topic.

You can read the health care bill that came out of the Senate's HELP Committee - checking in at a slender 615 pages - here. The Senate Finance Committee has yet to get through the mark-up phase of their version of the bill. That is scheduled to start next week.

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