Thursday, June 04, 2009

You *Are* an Asparagus Lover
Pretty interesting
A team of researchers at U.C. Irvine studying implanted false memories asked 128 undergrads questions about how well they liked certain foods growing up. A week later, the students were called back and shown their results. But the researchers secretly changed the answers of one group of students to say that they loved asparagus the first time they tried it. When these students were later asked to order dishes on a hypothetical restaurant menu, those who had read falsified self-testimony about their childhood love of asparagus were significantly more likely to order it than they had been just a week earlier.
I suspect this tactic works better with a "team of researchers" than with a "team of parents", where you're maybe more likely to get an argument from your kids. But maybe not? Tell 'em they loved broccoli ever since they were born. You can read the study here.

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