Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Could it Be?
For the first time, I'm starting to take seriously the possibility that Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic nominee. I expected the bright light of national politics to have her a bit wobbly, and expected the charisma, intelligence, freshness and passion of Obama to eventually breeze by her. Despite this new anomalous poll, that's not happening so far.

My main concern about her is pretty simple - electability. We are in a prime position to move this country in a new direction with a new kind of leadership to tackle truly unprecedented problems and the need to dig our way out of 8 years of mammoth incompetence. But with Hillary in the race the focus is all Clinton, a referendum on personalities, a rehashing of the past, not to mention a continuation of the same bad set of national Democratic advisers we've had for almost 20 years. She gives Republicans the kind of distracting target that nobody else (except maybe Gore) would.

She's the opposite of new. (plus she helped get us into this crappy war)

So why is she doing so well?

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