Thursday, November 09, 2006

A Few Election Leftovers
Harold Ford won 31 (out of 95) TN counties. Kerry only won 17 in 2004.

Minnesota elected Congress' first muslim. Keith Ellison is a pro-choice, pro-gay-rights Democrat.

Shocker. There are vote count questions in Florida. In Katherine Harris' old seat. 18,000 people voted without casting a vote in the House race. 15,000 more than last time. Democrat Christine Jennings lost that pickup opportunity by less than 400 votes.

In OH-15, incumbent Pryce leads by less than 3,000 but 20,000 votes are still to be counted. Kilroy hasn't conceded yet. That's good news for me. I put that race high on my confidence list and am looking the idiot for it. Hopefully absentees and provisionals can turn this one upside-down.

Patrick Murphy has won in PA-08. That makes Dems +28 so far by my count. 9 or 10 are still out there.

My vote for biggest winner of the night: David Axelrod.

South Dakota voted down the severe anti-abortion law. Oregon and California defeated parental notification measures. Missouri approved expansion of stem cell research. Arizona defeated a gay-marriage ban because it was so extreme. Yeah there was some bad ballot news as well, but why focus on that this week.

Hope: You know which group of people increased their turnout the most over the last mid-term? Overall turnout was basically 40%, same as in 2002 (up slightly). But voters under 30 were up considerably.

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