Friday, March 25, 2005

Jesus was an American, Right?
For those of you who don't give a rip about Baptist life or Baptist politics, my apologies. You have no need to read further. You'll just have more time to revel in the Wildcat love this weekend.

For Christians, this week is perhaps the most significant week of the year. I am ashamed to confess that when the President of the Southern Baptist Convention brought a convocation message to the Tennessee Baptist Convention this week, it was not a message about the miraculous Easter event. Matter of fact, the resurrection didn't even get an honorable mention (or any mention at all).

At a time when attention should be on the event that is the bedrock of the Christian faith, Southern Baptist Convention president, Bobby Welch, shows up to distribute literature about the upcoming (in June) Southern Baptist Convention meeting to be held in the Nashville. As if totally forgetting to mention Easter wasn't bad enough, the literature he handed out is covered with images of the American flag! The graphics are done in such a way that some of the people in the photos are literally wrapped in the flag. I was sickened and saddened. I was not, however, surprised.

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